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Purpose | Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation

Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation (CSRF) is an independent Charitable Organization registered as an incorporated Trustees based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is the CSR arm of Custodian Investment Plc comprising Custodian and Allied Insurance Limited, Custodian Life Assurance Limited, Custodian Trustees Limited and CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited.

Our Vision

To impact lives of Nigerians by directly focusing on Health, Education, Community Development and Sustainability of the environment

Our Mission
To help improve lives by providing support for the needy and enhance learning in Communities in a sustainable environment


Director’s Message

There are many gaps in different sectors of our society and of the four focal areas CSRF supports, we note especially that the biggest gaps are in the Health and Education sectors.

It is our desire to make positive changes in our community by contributing to the saving of lives while it is within our capacity to do so. This we intend to do by providing necessary support in various ways to ensure lives are saved as much as possible.

It is our goal also to provide much needed support in the Education sector by upgrading run-down facilities and donating to worthy causes that will directly impact lives of Nigerians in general.

In order to be able to achieve our set goals, we will not be able to handle it all alone and would require internal and external support of Corporate Organizations, NGOs, individuals and others who by partnering with us and making donations to the organization can help us achieve our goals.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of tested professionals and very successful business leaders in different sectors of the economy.

Mrs. Mimi Ade-Odiachi holds a B.Sc in Insurance from University of Lagos [1984].She is a Chartered Insurer as well as an alumna of Lagos Business School. She established Omar Gardens Floral Company in 1990 and thereafter grew the Company from a simple floral Company to an award-winning landscaping business.
She started her career at Royal Exchange Assurance Nigeria in 1985. Apart from being a member of the Board of Trustees of Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation, she is the CEO/Managing Director of Omar Gardens Floral Company.
She is also a Director on the Board of Whispering Palms Hotel and a member of the Board of Trustees of Bonas Macfarlane Nigeria.

Mr. Dikko obtained his LL.M [Corporate & Commercial Law] degree from the Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London, England after obtaining his LL.B from the University of Buckingham, England. He was called to the Nigeria Bar in 1990.
He has worked in a variety of roles and industries that span corporate finance, banking and information technology and telecommunications.
He worked in Kenneth Michael & Co between 1991 and 1992 and was on the team responsible for setting up the first discount house in Nigeria as was chairman of the discount house from 2002 – 2012. He also worked an Executive Director in Resourcery Plc. from 2000 to 2007 and is currently Vice President (Regulatory & Corporate Affairs) with EMTS Ltd (trading as Etisalat Nigeria).

‘Bunmi is the pioneer Chief Executive of CSRF, a position she is well suited for having been in charge of Custodian’s CSR initiatives from inception.
Prior to her appointment in 2015, she was Head of Management Services Directorate of Custodian and Allied Insurance Limited for a couple of years and before then, Head of Admin/Corporate Affairs for six years. She was the pioneer Head of HR/Administration of Custodian and Allied Limited, a position she held for nine years.
Bunmi is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, having earlier obtained a first degree in Economics followed by a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree both from the University of Lagos.
She has attended a few courses including the Advanced Management Program of the Lagos Business School in 2002 and Essentials of Leadership program at the London Business School in 2014


The Team is made up of tested professionals and very successful business leaders in different sectors of the economy.


Interventions relating to the upgrading or uplifting of educational facilities in Nigeria, partnering with various institutions to encourage the study of insurance and providing intellectual support to educational institutions especially those who teach Insurance and donations of educational materials to needy schools


As much as possible, the focus here is on saving lives and this will be done by ensuring as much as possible the security and preservation of good health through the adoption of various practices including uplifting hospitals and health institutions in dire need of help, contributing to the eradication of disease and intervention to save lives of accident victims

Community Development

We are determined to research and identify ways to contribute to the uplifting of our Community in a visible way including the development of the environment directly and indirectly, providing required infrastructure for the development of our locality and donations to worthy causes around communities in Nigeria


CSRF is committed to the sustainability of the environment by actively ensuring that subsidiary companies use materials that will not adversely affect the environment by deletion of natural resources whilst ensuring a cleaner and better environment. We would also promote safe environment risk practices, and keep abreast of global trends and best practice relating to sustainable insurance.

Custodian CSR Projects

Rehabilitation of Chapel Street Road, Drainage, and Provision of Streetlights

Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation (CSRF) rehabilitated and commissioned Chapel Street Road at Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. The road rehabilitation project took place in the first quarter of 2021, which focused on revamping the road with interlocking bricks, rebuilding of damaged drainages, construction of road pavements and the installation of streetlamps.

The project was officially handed over to the Lagos State Government on Thursday, March 11, 2021. The handover event was attended by the Governor of Lagos, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu (represented by his Special Adviser on Works and Infrastructure, Engr. Aramide Adeoye), Hon. Kayode Adejare Omiyale, Chairman of Yaba LCDA, Hon. Moshood Oshun, Member, Lagos State House of Assembly, representing Lagos Mainland II Constituency, the Group Managing Director of Custodian Investment PLC, Mr. Wole Oshin, CEO of CSRF, Mrs. Olubunmi Aderemi among other government officials and invited guests.

Engr. Aramide Adeoye in her response thanked the company for its dedication to impacting the community through the various foundation’s projects, she also conveyed the gratitude of the Governor and encouraged more public-private partnership in upgrading infrastructures in Lagos State.


Rehabilitation of Box Culvert across Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba

Custodian sponsored the rehabilitation of box culvert across Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba.










Wuhan Coronavirus

Key points on Wuhan Coronavirus

  • First confirmed case in China was 7th January 2020.
  • Human to human transmission has been confirmed and global surveillance has been set up
  • Wuhan is a major transport hub in China and beyond here, other cities have had confirmation of the case such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong
  • As at 21st January, 5 cases have been confirmed in four countries: Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea and USA all with travel history to China.

Mode of transmission

  • Airborne via cough and sneezing

Signs and symptoms
This new strain appears to be mild to severe respiratory symptoms like cough and breathing difficulties, fever, chest pain, headache, sore throat palpitations, kidney failure, pneumonia. From current evidence, it appears that death is a rare outcome.

There is no specific treatment for this new strain yet. However, many symptoms are treated as the appear.

Nigeria’s preparedness and response
The Centre for Disease Control has set up a multisectoral technical group that assesses and manages the risk of importation to Nigeria in collaboration with the World Health organization.
The port Health service unit of the federal ministry of health in Nigeria has been placed on high alert and has heightened screening measures at the point of entries into Nigeria. Travelers from China to Nigeria have been put on checks including temperature checks as well as direct any symptomatic passengers to health facilities for follow up.

How to protect yourself
To reduce the risk, we should:

    1. Wash your hands regularly with soap under running water.
    2. Cover your mouth and nose properly with handkerchief or tissue paper when sneezing and/or coughing. You may also cough into your elbow if handkerchief is not available.
    3. Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.
    4. Avoid self-medication. Report to the nearest health facility when you experience any of the above symptoms.

Custodian Press release

The Vocational and Professional Development Academy

Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation (CSRF) is happy to have sponsored the setting up of the Vocational Professional Development Academy opened on 14th December 2017.

It is a statement of fact today that there is an acute shortage of well-trained artisans in our country – you struggle to find really good electricians, plumbers and other good hands.

That is why we chose to support the setting up of the VPDA and it is hoped that the existing gaps in the vocational education sector would be addressed. In time, graduates of the VPDA would impact positively on the environment by providing the much-needed skills.

Eventually, our Country’s economic fortunes would be better while a lot of currently unemployed youths will be gainfully employed, leading to a safer society.

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